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about kim-vu salamonsen

Let’s get this out of the way first: I’m a qualified chartered accountant. 

I know, right? I was once company secretary for a Melbourne Accountancy Firm. You know what I loved most about it? Choosing the paper and fonts for the quarterly reports.

Needless to say, I regrouped, retrained and turned my attention where it really wanted to go: to projects involving creativity and collaboration, and making an ethical contribution to the world. 

I trained in graphic design and have since worked in studios in Brisbane, Barcelona and Perth. Now I’m the ideas and energy behind k design + things, a solo venture based in Fremantle that flexes all my skills. Yes, even the numbers. I won’t balance your books, but I will do my bit to help your business or project stand out and succeed in a financially sustainable way.

I’m as mad about typography as I am about edible flowers, foraged branches and up-cycled whimsy. That makes my offering broad and varied. On any given day I could be designing a logo for a new business, or creating a shop front display. If I’m working on an event, I’ll be splitting my time between the décor and the details – making gorgeous place cards and signage, arranging the blooms, hand-printing the wow factor, and generally adding pops of joy. 

I bring my graphic designer’s instinct for good looks and balance to everything I do. Then I add the k factor. That’s shorthand for hitting the right tone, keeping things simple, and making sure it’s delightful.

I work with corporates, arty types, festivals, foodies, small business and individuals – anyone in need of some aesthetic magic or a visual facelift. Show me a project,

I’ll make it sing!






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